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Hi Alan,

We just finished 7 weeks of travelling in our amazing little turtle. Met two other Rhinos on the way – one at Wyndorah and the other in Birdsville. Number 13 (Rose and Jim) said to say hello. We love our home on wheels. We are looking at a couple of modifications but all in all we are so happy – and people are always impressed when we give them the tour! Hope to see you later in the year.

Marg – July 2016

“G’Day Alan,


6 month review.  Spent 27 nights in 23 locations, 22 locations were unplanned destinations.  Well, we did a bit a research beforehand, mostly, but as we had no set schedule we took it as we found it and adapted accordingly.

Love my “backpack on a ute”.  Rhonda called it “The Hump”, so I had some signs made for it with that name.  So, if anyone enquires of you about “The Hump”, now you know, eh?

Haven’t returned to any of the destinations yet.  So much still to see.  Much better than bushwalking; in that, with full pack walking you have to know in advance where you are going.  The Hump allows you to explore more easily.”


Geoff Wise – April 2016

“G-day Alan, how are you mate? 


Just thought I’d report back and let you know our camper is still going strong after year trip around Aus. We arrived back to Sydney a few weeks ago… Yes a little earlier than originally planed but this gives us a chance to do some much needed maintenance on the Triton’s suspension and tray… also to earn some much needed money to fund our next stage of our trip… North QLD. haha. Now we have the bug and can’t stop touring! haha.

Well we covered just on 38,000km in 10months. Our camper held together perfectly over thousands of kilometres of crazy corrugated tracks and never let us down once!  We covered a lot of extreme 4×4 tracks in the top end of the Kimberly and in the NT. Our goal was to be as remote as possible and free camp most of the time.

We love our little camper!  Specially when you’re in some unknown areas of highway and just need to sleep over night and feel safe with solid walls around you! Or when a storm rips through in the middle of the night and all you need to do is close the window… haha we stay dry and there’s no canvas to get wet or to blow away!

As you can imagine we have lot’s of stories and lot’s of photos. I’ll pick a few photos and attach them for you… I’ll send you more once I sort through them.”

Steve & Kristen Burns

“Thank you! We are in love with our camper and we haven’t even left home. We can’t wait to travel and enjoy it. We will send you some photos of our travels.


From our first phone conversation and then throughout all our other dealings with you, nothing was ever too much trouble. You have made our purchase of your camper an absolute pleasure. Thank you very much.”

Mark & Heather – Sydney, NSW July 2015



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