Rhino Campers – FAQ’s

Can the Rhino slide on camper fit on any tray back vehicle?

Yes, the Rhino camper will fit on to any tray back.

In addition many of our customers choose to mount their Rhino camper on a trailer, the camper trailer option gives you the ability to use a Rhino camper with the family car and no ute, this also allows customers to unhitch the camper trailer at camping spots.

We have two different camper models (2.4m & 2.1m long) that will suit single, twin and space/extra cab vehicles.

Will the Rhino slide on camper have a problem with condensation inside?

No, all Rhino campers are built with a 10mm end grain balsa core and hand laid fiberglass either side to form a sandwich construction with great insulation qualities. We have used our campers in alpine conditions during the winter and remained toasty warm!

Can the Rhino slide on camper be used when it’s off the vehicle?

Yes, the Rhino camper is fine for use off the vehicle and we include four wind up legs for off loading the unit with every Rhino camper sold.

What size is the bed in the Rhino slide on camper?

Our camper has a standard double sized bed, we can also build them with a single bed set up if extra storage or a walk space is required.

Will my Rhino Camper be dust proof? 

Absolutely, we use the best door seals and compression locks. No dust.

Is the Rhino slide on camper easy to load and unload? 

Our slide on campers are very easy to load with four locking brackets to undo, it will only take ten to fifteen minutes. Complimentary fitting of the Rhino slide on camper onto your tray back or trailer is included with every Rhino camper sold.

Please call Alan on 0425317678

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